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Social media has increasingly worked its way into the everyday lives of individuals from a vast array of ages and backgrounds. Notably, the perceived effects and attitudes towards social media can vary with age. Through this proposed study, attitudes and feelings towards social media from 80 individuals, across four age groups, will be compiled from the Mercer and Auglaize county area via survey. An explanation from every participant explaining how social media affects their lives will be provided. From the responses, a better understanding of how social media is perceived to affect society, as well as it’s perceived effect on the participants will be documented. It is predicted that older individuals will have a predominantly negative view of social media, and that younger individuals will have mixed feelings towards it. This study will provide insight on how individuals across numerous age ranges residing in the Mercer and Auglaize county area view social media.

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Spring 2020


Social media



Attitudes Towards Social Media Regarding Age

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