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Technology is all around us and is utilized often in a person’s daily routine, whether it’s a cellphone, a computer, a smart watch, or any other kind of technology. There are many benefits to having access to technology such as being able to build stronger relationships, having a better way to learn, or even more effective transactions (Baron & Gomez, 2013). Having access to a public computer can have a positive impact on community development because this leads to feelings of empowerment and development of social capital, which are the foundations for a strong community (Baron & Gomez, 2013). Since the adolescent/emerging adult age span is a crucial tie for social development , it make s for a n appropriate age range to study when looking at the influence of SES on technology availability and whether or not this will inhibit social development . With the amount of technology that i s available to the public today , it’ s important to know if the re should be more focus on finding a way to make technology more widely accessible for those that may not be able to afford it otherwise; especially if this mean s they will have more positive social development . This is what the current study plans to examine. This study plans to examine the social development of adolescents and emerging adults based on their daily technology usage, which may be influenced by their socioeconomic status . The results found could be because of previously existing conditions , but it’ s expected that those who have more daily access to multiple forms of technology will have more positive level s of social development because they can create more social interactions.

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Spring 2020


Technology; Computer use



Impact of Technology Presence on Late Adolescent/Emerging Adult Social Development Research Proposal

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