Eutectoid Reaction in Rapidly Solidified Beta Titanium-Nickel Alloys

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Hypoeutectoid and near-eutectoid beta titanium-nickel alloys were rapidly solidified by melt-spinning, electron beam melting and splat quenching, pendant drop melt extraction, and hammer-and-anvil splat quenching. These materials were characterized by scanning electron and scanning transmission electron microscopy techniques. The microstructures varied with the alloy composition and the rapid solidification method used. An entirely martensitic microstructure was observed in the hammer-and-anvil splats, while the other materials showed products of eutectoid decomposition of the beta phase. A variation in the eutectoid morphology from a predominantly lamellar mode to a largely nonlamellar mode was observed. A comparison of these rapidly solidified microstructures is presented and the factors influencing the eutectoid morphology are discussed.


Presented at the Metals Society's Fall Meeting, Detroit, MI, September 16-20, 1984.

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