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X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) depth profiling was used to investigate the compositional and chemical profile of a typical YBCO coated conductor architecture. Results of the process revealed that the Y(3d) photoelectronic peak shape in these films is very different from bulk YBCO. To investigate this, several samples of Y i Ba2Cu307_„ thin films were intentionally created of varying quality. The films were deposited on LaA10 3 by pulsed laser deposition with ./c. values ranging from poorly conducting up to several MA/cm2. Initial results indicated a potential correlation between the Y(3d) XPS peak shape (full-width-half-maximum) of the YBCO and the film quality. A potential correlation may also exist with the Cu(2p) Ba(3d) ratio indicating an interrelationship to the FWHM of the Y(3d) peak. Film quality was determined by current transport, resistive Tc, and AC magnetic susceptibility measurements


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