Fatigue Failure of Amorphous Alloys Under Cyclic Shear Deformation

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The accumulation of plastic deformation and flow localization in amorphous alloys under periodic shear are investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. We study a well-annealed binary mixture of one million atoms subjected to oscillatory shear deformation with strain amplitudes slightly above a critical value. We find that upon approaching a critical strain amplitude from above, the number of shear cycles until the yielding transition is well described by a power-law function. Remarkably, the potential energy at the end of each cycle as a function of the normalized number of cycles is nearly independent of the strain amplitude, which allows for estimation of the fatigue lifetime at a given strain amplitude. The analysis on nonaffine displacements of atoms elucidates the process of strain localization, including irreversible rearrangements of small clusters until the formation of a system-spanning shear band.



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