XPS Depth Profiling Studies of YBCO Layer on Buffered Substrates

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XPS studies of a typical YBCO coated conductor architecture were conducted to investigate the chemical and microstructural profiles. The detailed XPS depth profiling study was performed on one sample (YBCO/CeO2/YSZ/CeO2/Ni) of coated conductor. The chemical depth profiling involved bombarding a small area of the specimen surface with 3 KeV Ar+ ions and analyzing the freshly exposed surface after each bombardment. Results of the process show that the Y(3d) photo-electronic peak shape in these films is very different from bulk (sintered and oxygen annealed) YBCO superconductors and surface analysis of YBCO thin films. This may indicate a possible difference in the atomic co-ordination between some laser-ablated films and bulk sintered ones. The correlation between chemical binding states of the ions and superconducting properties need to be investigated in details. The lower portion of the YBCO film showed distinct signs of contamination including Ce, and traces of Ni. An initial report of Zr diffusion into this YBCO layer is also reported.


Presented at the Advances in Cryogenic Engineering Conference, Madison Wisconsin.



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