Bone Responses of Rachitic Rats to High Fluoride

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Studies of a high fluoride diet were undertaken in vitamin D-deficient rats to determine the effects on metabolically abnormal bone structure and mineralization. Young Holtzman rats were divided into 3 groups: Rachitic-Fluoride, Rachitic-Control, Normal-Control. The Rachitic-Fluoride group placed on a rachitic diet was given distilled water to which 120 ppm fluoride as NaF was added. The Rachitic-Control group was placed on a rachitic diet and given distilled water. Animals in the Normal-Control group were given a normal diet and distilled water. After 4 weeks femoral diaphyses and distal metaphyses were removed. Acid and alkaline phosphatase were studied on frozen sections. Decalcified paraffin sections were stained with H&E, PAS and toluidine blue. Fresh, mineralized hand-ground sections were stained using the Villanueva tetrachrome method. Parathyroids and kidneys were removed and paraffin sections stained with H&E and PAS. Serum Ca was measured by a titration method. The following observations were made in high fluoride-treated rachitic rats: (1) well-being of the rats was not appreciably affected by 120 ppm fluoride in water; (2) serum Ca was maintained at normal levels; (3) no histological changes were evident in the kidneys; (4) morphological changes occurred in the parathyroid gland cells; (5) both phosphatase enzyme activities were increased over Normal-Controls, but were similar to Rachitic-Controls; (6) increase in epiphyseal plate width occurred; (7) there were no diagnostic abnormalities of new lamellar bone formation in routine demineralized stained sections; (8) tetrachrome stained sections revealed that new bone mineralization occurred but contained a low mineral content per unit volume of bone. Since these observations were compared with both Rachitic and Normal Controls, they are solely due to fluoride.


Presented at the 89th Annual Session of the American Association of Anatomists, Louisville, KY.



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