Multilayered QTVR Dissection of the Hand

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Dissection of the hand is most useful if considered in layers and by compartments. Unfortunately, as one demonstrates superficial structures anteriorly, it is often necessary to remove these structures in order to visualize the more posterior architecture. Similarly, to achieve visualization of the deep arterial arch and the deep ulnar nerve, overlying tendons and muscles may have to be removed. Reviewing hand anatomy in that particular preparation, therefore, becomes difficult. To circumvent this problem, we created a multi-layered computer dissection of the hand using Quick Time Virtual Reality (QTVR). Using this approach, each dissected layer was digitally photographed at 10 degree increments from 30 degrees - 150 degrees along a longitudinal axis and at 10 degree increments from 45 degrees - 135 degrees from side to side at each mark on the longitudinal scale. Images were then linked using QTVR Authoring Studio 1.0 enabling one, with a computer, to dissect layer by layer and side to side using only the computer mouse. This preserves the integrity of the preparation for unlimited "dissections" and enables one to review the anatomy as frequently as necessary.


Presented at the 3rd Joint Meeting of the American and British Associations of Clinical Anatomists, Cambridge, England.

Presentation Number D55.