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Background: Intensive care patients receiving mechanical ventilation have an increased chance for eye complications due to the inability to operate their own protective mechanisms resulting in dry eye.

Purpose: Develop and test an eye care protocol utilizing the evidence to prevent dry eye.

Method: In phase 1 retrospective data was collected on sedated and mechanically ventilated patients in the ICU (n=30) to determine baseline eye care practices and outcomes. Then the DEPP was developed based on the evidence. Finally data were collected prospectively (n=30) in the same patient population.

Results: From Phase 1 to Phase 2, eye crust cases diminished by 83.3%, redness by 80% and corneal hazing by 53%. A chi-square test of independence indicated that significant differences existed for patient outcomes when comparing Phase 1 patients to Phase 2 patients (X2 = 6.70, p = .035).

Conclusion: The implementation of the DEPP reduced the occurrence of dry eye.

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