How do Nurses Inspire and Instill Hope in Terminally Ill HIV Patients?

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In this study the researcher examined how nurses inspire and instil hope in terminally ill HIV patients The study therefore focuses on the interventions, attitudes, principles and process utilized by nurses working within a liaison psychiatry unit where in-patient care for terminally ill HIV patients is available Using grounded theory methodology, the data were coded and analysed, producing an integrated theory of hope inspiration, comprised of four core variables reflection in action, affirmation of worth, creating a partnership, and the totality of the person The researcher postulates that hope is inspired in terminally ill HIV patients by means of nursing the totality of the person within the context of a formed partnership, underpinned by the affirmation of the individual's worth, which is assured by the nurse entering into the process of reflection in action The researcher further suggests that hope inspiration is inextricably linked to effective nursing practice, and is interwoven with the concepts of nursing, caring and helping.


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