Storyboard Development for Virtual Reality Simulation

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Background: Development of virtual reality simulations requires an interprofessional team, but effective communication is inhibited by a lack of structured methods for sharing information. A review of the literature found a paucity of tools available for virtual reality storyboard development. This paper's purpose is to provide an overview of the storyboard process developed by an interprofessional team of researchers studying Neonatal Intensive Care evacuation. Method: Using Standards of Best Practices in Simulation and Jeffries model as framework, the researchers developed processes and templates for storyboarding. Results: The outcomes provide a vehicle for simulation development based upon best practices. Conclusions: The storyboard format that includes objectives, scenes, actions, challenges, redirection and opportunity to debrief, enabled the interprofessional team to build a virtual simulation that is reflective of best practices and the Neonatal Intensive Care evacuation scenario.



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