Concept Analysis of Systems Thinking in the Context of Interprofessional Practice and Improved Patient Outcomes

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The purpose of this study was to explore the definition and application of systems thinking (ST) in interprofessional practice and improved patient outcomes. BACKGROUND Nurse educators need a universal definition of ST to implement in curricula to foster quality and safety while enhancing outcomes for nursing students. METHOD The QSEN RN-BSN Task Force used the hybrid model of concept analysis to identify the process of fostering ST in clinical and didactic learning experiences and how ST changed over time from the perspective of educators. RESULTS The definition of ST in the context of interprofessional practice and outcomes was "a dynamic, analytical process that looks at complex patterns, relationships, and connections within elements and structures, resulting in the ability to recognize the whole picture." CONCLUSION The concept of ST in the context of interprofessional practice and improved patient outcomes may be integrated within nursing curricula.



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