Association of Community Health Nursing Educators’, 2020 Evidence-Based Project Priorities: A National Blueprint for Unifying Research and Evidence-Based Practice Priorities

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The Association of Community Health Nursing Educators (ACHNE) Research Committee Subcommittee on EvidenceBased Practice (EBP) presents a paper on the state of translation of science into public health nursing education practice. The paper builds from the integrative research review completed by the ACHNE Research Priorities Subcommittee (McElroy et al., Public Health Nursing, 2020) offering updated research priorities and a Research in Action model. Four EBP Project Priorities were established using the Johns Hopkins EBP Model guided by Dang and Dearholt's (Johns Hopkins nursing evidencebased practice: Model and guidelines, 2018) 19‐step process. The EBP Project Priorities emphasize the need for EBP projects to align ACHNE strategic plans and research priorities. The authors recommend that the Research in Action model guide deliberate unification of both the Research and EBP Project Priorities. Standards and criteria for essential effort unifying collaborative effort between PhD and Doctorate in Nursing Practice scholars, coordination of research efforts, and innovative practice partnerships is provided.



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