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Libraries and Archives must continue to explore new avenues of accessibility of their archival collections for on- and offline patrons. A Digital Initiatives Librarian and Archivist will discuss and explore the spectrum of preservation and archiving of a student newspaper collection published at Western College from 1930 to 1971. They will discuss the creation of a historical database and how the new digital collection has changed and improved patron usage. In 2005, Miami University Libraries' Digital Initiatives Department along with the Western College Memorial Archives and the Western College Alumnae Association created a digital database for the Western Round-Up Project. Until the creation of this database there was no digital access to this extensive and historically significant newspaper collection. The Archivist of the Western College Memorial Archives will discuss the importance of digitizing primary materials for access to researchers across the world via the web and how from 2005 to the present new technology has completely changed and improved the access to end-users. The Digital Initiatives Librarian will discuss the collection's technical issues, including digitization, file formats, and metadata. Likewise, he will talk about current efforts of interface customization, alternate browsing and searching features, as well as gathering users' statistics.


Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians

Digital Publisher

Digital Services Department; Wright State University Libraries