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Usage statistics are now considered a crucial tool in collection analysis especially amidst growing pressure on library budgets and rising journals costs. In addition, the development of new collection analysis tools and usage standards such as SUSHI (Standardized Usage Statistics Harvesting Initiative) are now enabling libraries and vendors to collaborate for the more efficient collection, integration and analysis of usage data.

This program will examine the collection analysis tools and standards that are currently available, and how they can help libraries streamline the gathering and analysis of usage data to more effectively utilize this information in their collection analysis processes and acquisitions decisions. The speaker will also explore how the SUSHI standard is enabling libraries and vendors to partner for the transfer of usage data between Electronic Resource Management Systems (ERMs) and collection analysis tools. As a result, libraries can integrate usage statistics with subscription information for cost-per-use analysis and better-informed decision making.

In addition, the speaker will look at some of the important questions still surrounding usage statistics that librarians should consider when incorporating usage data into their acquisitions decisions. Usage statistics are not the only measure of value. With a better understanding of usage data's strengths, weaknesses and limitations, librarians can more effectively apply the data to their acquisitions processes.


Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians

Digital Publisher

Digital Services Department; Wright State University Libraries