Improving Health Maintenance Supervision in a Paediatric IBD Clinic

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Previsit planning (PVP) has been an integral part of clinical care for paediatric patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center since 2007. Over the past years, we have adopted several programmes to improve health maintenance supervision for our paediatric patients with IBD but did not have a sustainable way to provide health maintenance updates for every patient at every encounter that was concise and complete in the setting of an increasing patient population and fewer support staff to complete the work.


Using quality improvement methods, we completed several Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) cycles aimed at improving our centre's ability to provide complete health maintenance 'bundle' recommendations from 0% to 90% of patients over a period of 11 months.


First steps included consensus gathering and summarising evidence into guidelines suitable for the group. PDSAs centred on consensus building from standardised guidelines, using empty checklists for simulated and real patients, and use of autofilled checklists. After several PDSA cycles, we have improved our ability to provide complete health maintenance PVP from 0% to nearly 100% with very little variation.


Using the health maintenance PVP process, we can now sustainably provide health maintenance guidance for all outpatient clinic visits. We have begun to scale up this work and anticipate over the coming months that we will be able to expand the health maintenance PVP to provide complete PVP for over 90% of patients for any scheduled encounter including biologic infusion visits. We anticipate that using this reliable process we can improve remission rates and reduce preventable infections for these at-risk patients.