Books from 2022

Nietzsche's Immoralism: Politics as First Philosophy, Donovan Miyasaki

Politics After Morality : Toward a Nietzschean Left, Donovan Miyasaki

Submissions from 2020

Responding to the COVID 19 Pandemic in Proper Stoic Fashion, William Irvine, Craig Woolley, and Laura M. Luehrmann

Submissions from 2006

Peer-Review Assignments, Scott D. Williams


Respect of Utilitarianism: A Response to Regan's 'Receptacles of Value' Objection, Scott Wilson

Submissions from 2005


The Species-Norm Account of Moral Status, Scott Wilson

Submissions from 2001


Animals and Ethics, Scott Wilson

Carruthers and the Argument from Marginal Cases, Scott Wilson

Indirect Duties to Animals, Scott Wilson

Submissions from 1998


The Self-Growth of Vision and the Self-Repose of Color: A Heideggerian Meditation on the Studio Paintings of Jean Koeller, Charles Taylor

Submissions from 1996


Descartes' Meditations - Trilingual Edition, David B. Manley and Charles S. Taylor

Submissions from 1979


Tom Robbins' Chink: A Posthumous Zarathustra, Charles Taylor