Accurate MM-Wave-to-THz Power Measurements with Large-Area Pyroelectric Detectors

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We present an improved method for measuring power at ∼100 GHz and above using a large-area (5-mm diam) LiTaO3 pyroelectric detector. The pyroelectric element is packaged in a lid-free TO-5 can, which in turn is mated to one end of a 1/2-inch-diam brass tube whose opposite end is flared for improved coupling efficiency. This 'light-pipe'-like arrangement is cross-calibrated against a thermistor-based waveguide Anritsu ML83A power sensor using a 104-GHz Gunn oscillator and precision attenuator. It also stabilizes the pyroelectric element against background (IR) radiation and air currents. The resulting power detector is useful in the ∼10-nW-to-1-uW region where waveguide power sensors do not operate and free-space sensors like Golay cells and pyroelectrics have always been uncalibrated and unstable.



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