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High-quality, melt-grown ZnO crystals are reported. The reflection and emission spectra of the melt-grown samples are compared with the same spectra from high-quality, vapor-grown ZnO crystals. We isolate the reflection and emission spectra predominantly related to the intrinsic properties associated with the wurtzite structure of the crystals. The quality of the crystals is reflected in the spectral reproduction of the intrinsic properties of the crystals. Both the ground state and the n=2 state of the free excitons associated with the A, B, and C valence bands of the crystals are spectrally observed in reflection. Assuming a hydrogenic character for the free excitons, the binding energy of these excitons associated with all three valence bands was determined. For the intrinsic emission spectra, attention was focused on the A-band free excitons and related optical parameters. Both the reflection and emission spectra for the melt-grown material compared very closely with the same spectra observed from high-quality vapor-grown ZnO samples. The details of both the reflection and emission spectra verify the high-quality of the melt-grown material.


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