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Thermally stimulated current (TSC) spectra stimulated by infrared (hν≤1.12 eV) light at 90 K have been used to study the photoquenching and thermal recovery of several dominant TSC peaks in Ga‐rich, semi‐insulating GaAs. The filling‐pulse‐length dependence of the quenching for these traps, and the temperature dependence of their recovery are clearly identified with the ground‐to‐metastable state transition of EL2. The data are consistent with the traps having a direct association with EL2 or EL2∗ rather than an indirect association which could result from a change in the dominant‐free carriers as EL2 transforms to EL2∗. If so, they likely are various point defects or impurities complexed with the arsenic antisite.


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