Models for Aurora and Airglow Emissions from Other Planetary Atmospheres

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Models for aurora and airglow emissions from planetary atmospheres other than the Earth are surveyed, with emphasis on accomplishments of the last seven years. The goals of modeling the terrestrial planets and modeling the outer planets are very different. Because less is known about the atmospheres of the outer planets, models of their luminosity seek to provide information about the basic structure of the atmospheres and to identify the major production mechanisms. Models of the terrestrial planets have recently begun to address more complex questions about the abundances of trace and minor constituents, about transport phenomena, and about spatial and temporal variations in the atmosphere and in the processes that produce the emissions. In addition, there are a few instances in which models have been used to elucidate atomic and molecular processes that are difficult to study either in the terrestrial atmosphere or in the laboratory.


Invited paper based on a presentation given at the 5th Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IAGA), Prague, Czechoslovakia.



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