Electron and Hole Conductivity in CuInS2

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Single crystals of CuInS2 have been grown from the melt and annealed in In or S to produce good n- or p-type conductivity, respectively. Two donor levels, one shallow and one deep (0.35 eV), and one acceptor level at 0.15 eV are identified. The hole-mobility data are best fitted with an effective mass , which can be explained by simple, two band . theory if the valence band has appreciable d character. Above 300°K, the hole mobility falls rapidly, evidently due to multiband conduction and/or interband scattering between the nondegenerate and degenerate valence bands. The conduction band mobility appears to be dominated, in many samples, by large concentrations ( >1018cm−3) of native donors and acceptors, which are closely compensated.