Systems and Methods for Detecting Movement of a Target

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A system is disclosed for wirelessly detecting movement of a target. The system comprises a reference oscillator, a transmitter, a receiver, a demodulator, and a processor, wherein: the reference oscillator generates references frequencies for the transmitter, the receiver, and the demodulator; the transmitter generates a continuous-wave signal at a frequency based on the transmitter reference frequency and wirelessly transmits it to the target; the receiver wirelessly receives a reflected signal from the target having a phase angle corresponding to movement of the target and converts the reflected signal into an intermediate frequency signal based on the receiver reference frequency; the demodulator demodulates the intermediate frequency signal into an in-phase component and a quadrature component; and the processor converts the in-phase component and the quadrature component into a movement signal corresponding to movement of the target.


Patent # US 20100241009 A1