Hanna Tarbert

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Divisions concerning best policy practices simmer underneath the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) image as a united body with one major exception: China's Family Planning Policy or the one child per couple policy. Within the CCP, China's 1.3 billion population is accepted, without challenge as a major problem that must be addressed ever since the party took a hardline stance in 1979 to reduce the Chinese people's fertility. An unintended consequence of the population policy is the significantly skewed ratio between male and female children, causing a scarcity of women, which in turn contributes to the continuous decline in the status of women. While women's diminished status is exacerbated by China's population policy it was not the policy itself that caused the Missing Women Phenomenon. Rather, it is deeply embedded beliefs about women's inferiority to men socially, culturally, and economically. A result of the decline in women is a high demand for brides for Chinese ever growing population of bachelors, a demand that will cause the trafficking of women and girls to increase in China throughout the twenty-first century.

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