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Throughout the year of 1978 through 1979, came the collaborative project of four universities with 4 artists. The artists included in these workshop/exhibits were: Julia Heyward, John Mason, Mary Miss, and Elyn Zimmerman. This exhibit book documents the 16 projects undertaken by these selected artists. Funded partially by the National Endowment for the Arts the exhibits acted much like workshops allowing a presence of the artistic students to get involved and listen to the artists. The workshops covered a variety of subjects such as film, sculpture, photography, and so on. The colleges that took part in the exhibits were: California State University in Long Beach, University of Kentucky in Lexington, Minneapolis College of Art and Design in Missouri, and Wright State University in Dayton Ohio.

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Robert and Elaine Stein Galleries, Wright State University




Film; Abstract; Art Exhibit; Photography; Workshops; Wright State University; California State University; University of Kentucky, Minneapolis College of Art and Design; College Art Museums; Heyward, Julia 1949-; Mason, John 1927-2019; Miss, Mary 1944-; Zimmerman, Elyn 1945-


Art and Design | Art Practice | Arts and Humanities | Fine Arts

4 Artist/ 16 Projects



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