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MS-152: Dayton-Wright Airplane Company Photographs


The photograph shows crates in the foreground marked D4. The crates are labeled with directions on how to open properly and packaging lists are attached to the outsides. In the background employees of the Dayton-Wright Airplane Company continue to dismantle completed De Havilland DH-4s and package them in crates for shipping. On the right side of the print a United States flag and a Blue Star Banner with four stars hangs over the timecard desk. A sign hangs on the Blue Star Banner that reads "This Department 100% 4th Liberty Loan." A sign above the time card desk reads "If you don't want to Close up the Shop with an epidemic of - Spanish Influenza Quit Spitting on the Floor "Quit It'". A blackboard that hangs next to the sign has a handwritten note stating "Oct 12/18 Please do not quit your work before whistle blows at noon or evenings. Please do not throw paper or other articles on the floor. -- Jeff Smith." This image was taken circa 1918.

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Special Collections and Archives; Wright State University Libraries

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8x10 Glass plate negative


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ms152_026; Flags--United States; Blue star banner; Construction equipment; Airplane factories; World War, 1914-1918; Aircraft industry; Packaging; Aircraft industry--Employees; Packing for shipment; De Havilland DH-4; Airplanes--Parts