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MS-192: Andrew S. Iddings Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration Collection


This image shows a float with people riding on it and features a model dirigible airship floating above two small houses. The float, pulled by four dark horses draped in white cloth, was the second to last in the locomotion section of the parade during the 1909 Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration. The locomotion section of the parade featured various modes of transportation starting with a birch bark canoe and ending with a model of the Wright Flyer. Men in colonial uniforms are walking behind the float through a residential area of Dayton, Ohio. Spectators ,who are viewing the parade, line the street. All of the floats for the parade were sculpted by Joseph Horchert and designed by Henry Kabierske. Kabierske, of Fischer and Sons in Philadelphia, also designed most of the decorations for the event.

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ms192_061; Horchert, Joseph A.; Dayton (Ohio) Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration -- 1909; Horses; Parade floats; Horse-drawn vehicles; Actors; Streets--Ohio; Parades; Soldiers; United States. Army; Kabierske, Henry; Airships; Dayton--Streets; Actors as soldiers; Spectators; Streets--Ohio--Dayton


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