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MS-338: Harvard-Boston Aero Meet Collection


The photograph is of the meet officials congratulating Claude Grahame-White at the Harvard-Boston Aero Meet which was held in Atlantic, Massachusetts from September 3-13, 1910 and was sponsored by the Harvard Aeronautical Society. Claude Grahame-White had just won the 10,000 dollar prize for flying from Squantum to the Boston Lighthouse twice. Spectators are in the background of the image and the officials in the foreground are listed from left to right: Sidney MacDonald, Claude Graham-White's manager, Claude Grahame-White wearing a one piece flight suit, Charles Glidden, and Adams D. Claflin, the meet manager shaking hands with White. The image is the same as item number ms338_04_01 in the form of a glass plate negative. The number 135 is written on the negative.

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ms338_07_03; Claflin; Adams Davenport; 1862-1933; Glidden; Charles J.; 1857-1927; Grahame-White; Claude; 1879-1959; Harvard-Boston Aero Meet--1910; Philpott; Anthony; 1860-1952; MacDonald; Sidney


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