Experience of Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair in Kidney and/or Pancreas Transplant Recipients

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Despite the wide popularity of laparoscopic incisional hernia repair (LIHR) in the nontransplant population, there are very few reports of LIHR available in abdominal organ transplant patients and none exclusively on kidney and/or pancreas (KP) transplant patients. We retrospectively reviewed a consecutive series of LIHR in KP transplant recipients performed over a period of 4 years and compared the results with LIHR in non-transplant patients during the same period. A total of 36 transplant patients were compared with 62 nontransplant patients. There were five patients converted to the open procedure in the transplant and four in nontransplant patients (p-NS). There were three seromas and one patient had a bowel perforation in the transplant group versus eight seromas, one bowel perforation and one small bowel obstruction noted in the nontransplant group. One patient in each group had a mesh infection requiring explant. Patients were followed up for a mean period of 2.2 years in the transplant group and 3 years in the nontransplant group. Overall there were five recurrences in the transplant group and four in the nontransplant group (p = NS). These results suggest that that LIHR is a safe and effective alternative to open repair.