Laparoscopic Medial-to-lateral Colon Dissection: How and Why

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Laparoscopic colectomy is a difficult procedure with a long learning curve. We describe in this study our technique for right- and left-sided laparoscopic medial-to-lateral colectomy. The medial approach involves division of the vascular pedicle first, followed by mobilization of the mesentery toward the abdominal wall, and finally freeing of the colon along the white line of Toldt. This approach allows immediate identification of the plane between the mesocolon and the retroperitoneum and renders the dissection fast and safe. Our series of 50 consecutive laparoscopic colectomies supports this concept. We believe that surgeons familiar with this technique will have an important tool in their armamentarium to circumvent some of the challenges of laparoscopic colectomy.

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