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When library users need to find a complete copy of an unpublished psychological test they often turn to the reference staff for help. The best places to look for unpublished tests are in journal articles and in test compilation reference books but searching for tests in these sources can be difficult.

Research databases can help you determine which journal articles made use of a particular test but most databases don't indicate if a copy of the actual test is included in the article.

Searching for tests in reference books is even more difficult. Library catalog records rarely list the individual tests included in a compilation and your library catalog cannot search the compilations not owned by your library or library consortium.

Fortunately, there are two resources freely available on the web that can help you determine which tests are available in journal articles and in test compilations.

1. TestLink, a database constructed by Educational Testing Service (ETS) is very useful for locating complete copies of tests in journal articles.

2. Tests and Measures in the Social Sciences: Tests available in Compilation Volumes, is a resource created by Helen Hough at the University of Texas at Arlington. It is an online index of tests available in test compilations.



Searching TestLink is the best way to determine which tests are available in journal articles. TestLink database records include an Availability field which often lists a reference to a journal article. When a journal article is listed a complete copy of the test is usually available in the article. Tests included in journal articles are frequently located at the end of the article, in an appendix, but some can be found within methods or results sections.

Screen shots show the TestLink homepage with a description of the resource and an example of search results for the test "Acculturation Rating Scale for Mexican Americans". The journal article listed in the Availability field includes an appendix that contains a complete copy of the test.


This poster was presented by Brian Olesko at the 2006 Academic Library Association of Ohio Conference.