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Anyone interested in buying, selling, or creating ebooks has probably needed a fact, figure, or statistic to help make a decision, make a point, or make a purchase. Big Data, surveys, trends, market research, patron attitudes, cost analysis, and a host of other information points are available; you just need to know where to find them. In this column I highlight a variety of tools for librarians, publishers, and other information industry professionals for locating that perfect number.

The list is certainly not exhaustive as there are so many resources available. The list includes my personal favorites, ones that I consult for my own publications and presentations. I’ve listed them in alphabetical order and include the producer, URL, access or download instructions, and a brief description of the type of data collected, sometimes with a personal favorite highlighted. If you know of other sources of data on the ebook and e-reader market, I welcome you to bring them to my attention.