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In response to the library’s strategic plan, the Wright State University Dunbar Library is in the midst of a long-term, multi-modal building use study. In the spring of 2015, the library’s assessment team used a combination of an open-source tablet-based software program, photographs, questionnaires, and preference-based voting to capture information about physical space use, building user perceptions, and user needs.

In the second phase of this building use study, librarians are working in collaboration with the Office of Institutional Research to develop two needs-assessment surveys based on the responses in the first phase. One survey will be distributed to students; the other will focus on faculty.

In this session, librarians will discuss why they chose to use multiple methods to collect data, their experiences with the project, and future plans for analyzing the data and implementing changes based on the results.


Presented at OHIONET's Dive into Data Conference, Columbus, OH, July 17, 2015.