Collaborating for student success: An e-mail survey of U.S. libraries and writing centers

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The idea of various departments and groups on a college campus working together toward a goal of student success is not new, but it has become increasingly more important in recent years. As budgets for many institutions, and even departments, depend on the academic success and retention of students, a need for partnerships has arisen to help save time and money, as well as potentially reduce the duplication of efforts from different campus areas. For Wright State University (WSU) Libraries, our newest partnership with the University Writing Center has brought together two key resources for students as they work on their research and writing projects.

WSU Libraries restarted its collaborative partnership with the University Writing Center in 2015. Prior to the summer of 2015, the Writing Center had been located in the basement of the Paul Laurence Dunbar Library and the two groups had worked together occasionally, but not regularly. Beginning in summer 2015, the University Writing Center moved to the newly constructed Student Success Center building, where services focused on the achievement of students (especially in their first year) are located. Seizing the opportunity, the two groups implemented embedded librarians in the Writing Center four days a week to assist with students' research needs as a part of the research and writing process.

As the collaboration continued to develop and grow, the two groups researched other cases of collaborative library/writing center relationships and were not able to find data related to the success of these partnerships. This survey grew from the desire to see what other institutions are doing (or not doing) in terms of collaboration between writing tutoring services and libraries, as well as how we might adapt our own relationship based on other institutions' experiences. To establish a baseline understanding for future analysis, this report describes what is occurring with library/writing center partnerships across the country and what future research might be most beneficial, based on respondents' answers.



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