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Like many librarians, you're beginning to purchase e-books from a variety of publishers, and you're confused by all the different licensing agreements, platforms, and pricing models. A solution to this madness? Use an e-book aggregator. Aggregators partner with multiple publishers to supply content and provide a platform for libraries and end users to search, order, access, and download the content on the Web. We'll focus here on three of the larger academic aggregators EBL, ebrary, and MyiLibrary. Ebooks Corporations EBL (Ebook Library) [] partners with 250 academic and trade publishers, offering more than 85,000 titles. Ebrary [http://] partners with 285 publishers to offer more than 120,000 e-books and content databases. The newest platform, Ingram Digital Group's MyiLibrary []. partners with 250 publishers and offers more than 110,000 titles.