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Fall is in the air-football, back-to-school activities, pumpkins, and the annual Reference Books Bulletin "Encyclopedia Update." This year we get to highlight a new encyclopedia. Gale, part of Cengage Learning, acquired HighBeam Research in December 2008, and with that acquisition, the ownership of a fabulous URL, a free resource with more than half a million entries on a variety of topics. The best part? The information is from vetted reference sources. In fact, more than 200 dictionaries and encyclopedias are used to verify content on the site, with many more to follow. This is great news for librarians and researchers who want authoritative information from the Web. According to John Barnes, executive vice president, strategic marketing and business development, at Gale, "We hope to work with libraries to create a credible, citable alternative to other reference Web sites." In just 10 months, it looks like Gale is well on its way to making Encyclopedia. com the library community encyclopedia.