“I know I’m Wrong And Right...I’m the Dark and Light”: Using Hip Hop to Explore the Contradictory Past, Present, and Future of Black Feminist Thought

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Using hip-hop and the lives of female emcees, the author seeks to demonstrate that hip-hop feminism is a continuation of Black feminist thought, and should be theorized as such. The author demonstrates this by problematizing wave metaphors and generational dichotomies that are often used to historicize feminism in general, and Black feminism specifically. The author wishes to show that like the lives of many female emcees, Black feminism is paradoxical and fluid. Finally, the author will demonstrate that Black feminist thought has existed throughout Western feminist history and will continue to exist and evolve.


Presented at the National Women's Studies Associations 34th Annual Conference, Cincinnati, OH, November 7-10, 2013.