Increasing the Effectiveness of Women's Programs on College Campuses: A Summary of the Activities and Accomplishments of the National Women's Centers Training Project


Kathryn Girard

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Regional training activities of campus-based women's centers, and needs assessment and evaluation studies of the National Women's Centers Training Project are discussed. The women's centers project at Everywoman's Center, University of Massachusetts, was designed to provide staff training in the following areas: power and leadership issues in women's groups, organizational issues, program planning, budget development, and communication skills. The establishment of training sites in four federal regions during the second funding year is discussed, and information is presented on site selection, training of regional staff, and the results of training in these regions. Follow-up study (1978-1979) results are presented concerning the impact of training on center operations and on 15 individual participants in 12 centers not affiliated with the University of Massachusetts center. In addition, 1978-1979 National Needs Survey results are presented for 99 women's centers. Information is presented on center characteristics, program planning and implementation needs, internal organizational problems, and relations between centers and campus administrators. Finally, key issues facing higher education and women's centers/women's programs are identified, based on a 1979 women's centers and higher education conference.

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