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To help Wright State University fulfill its "commitment to providing leadership that addresses the educational, social, and cultural needs of the Greater Miami Valley," the Task Force on the Status of Women in the Academy recommends the University establish a Women's Studies Program, Center, and Board. This three-part Women's Studies structure will foster an "intellectually exciting community" and a more positive learning environment, both of which we see as fundamental to the University's mission. A Women's Studies program will ensure that Wright State University's majority population, its nearly 10,000 female students, will better see their histories and perspectives reflected in the education they receive. Such a program will help prepare both male and female students at Wright State to achieve positions of equality in their professional and personal lives.

The Task Force has unanimously concluded that a Women's Studies program at Wright State University must contain the following three elements:

1) A program with a minor and certificate in Women's Studies offered through the College of Liberal Arts and with its Director housed in the college

2) A Women's Center as an identifiable locale on campus to house resource materials and serve as a gathering place for scholars, community leaders, and students

3) A permanent Women's Studies Board to oversee the activities of the Center The Task Force strongly believes that these elements must be simultaneously established if the University is to mount an effective Women's Studies program.

Following the successful start up of the minor, certificate, Center, and Board, the Task Force envisions B.A. major and master's-level degree opportunities. This report outlines the need for a Program, Center, and Board, and addresses other considerations pertinent to their establishment.