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The Task Force on the Status of Women in the Academy has been meeting since September of 1991. The Task Force was charged with addressing two questions.

First, what is the status of women faculty at Wright State University? More particularly,

Why has the number of women on the faculty at WSU not increased during recent years?

What can be done to ensure that a larger number of women appear in the candidate pools for positions?

What can be done to increase the probability of succeeding in hiring women into the ranks of the faculty?

What steps can be taken to ensure that more women are nurtured for administrative positions in the academy?

Second, should the university develop a Women's Studies program?

Our findings in response to the second question are contained in our proposal of June 8, 1992. Our findings in regard to the first question are detailed below, along with other information on salaries and promotion that is necessary to the understanding of the status of women faculty at WSU. Because Task Force members felt that women faculty and women unclassified employees occupy similar professional situations at the university, we have dealt with both groups in our report. The report first addresses faculty issues, then those of unclassified professionals.