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A public opinion survey—in this case a survey of the residents of the City of West Carrollton, Ohio—provides citizens within a community an opportunity to voice their opinions and views on city government, resources and services, and quality of life in West Carrollton. In 2015, APRI (formerly CUPA) conducted an online public opinion survey for the City of West Carrollton and via a telephone interview for residents who wished to participate, but could not because they did not have access to the survey instrument via the internet. The survey questions are designed to measure quality of life, and to quantify perceptions of the City government and City services.

The results of the public opinion survey arm city officials with information to evaluate trends in satisfaction levels over time (through successive surveys) and to measure support for new policies or projects. The report summarizes the perceptions of West Carrollton citizens, and qualifies when necessary the differences in perceptions between groups of people. To this end, the survey questions have been grouped into topical areas, such as “General Public Sentiment”, “Planning for the Future” and “Civic Involvement”. In each section, the results from the 2015 survey are described in detail. Please refer to the appendices to view any information not provided in the narrative of this report, particularly when viewing open-ended responses to qualitative questions.

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Public Affairs, Public Policy and Public Administration | Social and Behavioral Sciences | Urban Studies and Planning

City of West Carrollton Public Opinion Survey