Rights and Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a contributor to CORE Scholar

  • Ensure that he/she holds the copyright for items submitted or has obtained appropriate copyright permission for items submitted when he/she is not the copyright holder
  • Ensure that the items submitted meet the Content Guidelines

Rights of a contributor

  • Copyright for a work is retained by copyright holder and does not revert to the University Libraries or Wright State University

Responsibilities of the Wright State University Libraries

  • Retain and maintain content submitted to CORE Scholar
  • Distribute content according to access levels determined by the contributor
  • Preserve content
  • Notify contributors of any significant changes to formats and platforms
  • If Wright State University Libraries and/or Bepress cease to support CORE Scholar, University Libraries will return the digital content/collections to the contributors and transfer the content to University Archives for consideration collections of departments that have ceased to exist

Rights of the Wright State University Libraries

  • Redistribute or amend metadata for items in CORE Scholar
  • Refuse or de-accession items or collections under certain circumstances as outlined in the Withdrawal Policy statement
  • Renegotiate terms of original agreement with contributors
  • Perform appraisal for long-term archiving when departments cease to exist or within 30 years of the creation of a collection
  • Move content to reflect current University structure
  • Migrate items if a supported format is in danger of obsolescence