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It has been said that writing is knowledge. This second season of the student magazine Con la pluma entre dos mundos [With the Pen Between Two Worlds] is a testament to that.

This project was born in 2005, when I arrived at Wright State. It was the result of my wanting to share the amazement and admiration I felt on reading the written works of my students in very different subjects: from Composition I, II and III to seminars on special topics in Spanish, which included culture and literature. From the elementary language to Conversation courses, in which participants had to become storytellers and communicators, or where they put their creative ability to the test by writing film scripts. And so, essays, stories, poems, songs, socio-dramas emerged from the encounter between two languages, English and Spanish, and the negotiation of strategies to understand and write in a second language.

During the first period of Con la pluma entre dos mundos, the wealth of Spanish as a means of exploration between two worlds, two cultures, two regions could be clearly observed. Each participant composed texts from their own profession: engineers, nurses, social workers, psychologists, international relations and political science students, drama students, students of Spanish … all experienced this second language from the perspective of their own profession.

The first era of the journal was supported from the beginning by the writing-intensive program at Wright State University, and by the chairs of the Department of Modern Languages, from David Garrison to Marie Hertzler. The second era presented here has been supported by the faith and perseverance of Dr. Ksenia Bonch-Reeves. The third era on the horizon will have a new cultural accomplice: Dr. Laura Luehrmann. The use of a second language at a professional level, as shown by those writing in this journal, is a tool to find new and better opportunities in life. From Modern Languages to the Department of Social Sciences and International Studies, Spanish will always be a bridge between two worlds ... or more.

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Spring 2021


Arts and Humanities | Creative Writing | Latin American Literature | Spanish and Portuguese Language and Literature | Spanish Literature

Con la pluma entre dos mundos - Vintatge Edition - Prologue