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In 2009, Huber Heights City Schools contracted with the Center for Urban & Public Affairs (CUPA) to conduct the economic impact analysis of new school construction on the local economy. For this study, CUPA used IMPLAN, a tool for economic impact assessment to estimate the direct, indirect, and induced impacts of the $159.1 million1 school facility construction project on the local (zip code 45424) and the regional economy (Montgomery, Greene, and Miami counties). It should be noted that these impacts are estimated for the project as a whole and not estimated for each year of the 32‐month construction period.

Construction of the seven new school buildings on the three‐county regional economy is estimated to generate a total of $258.3 million in sales, 1,944 jobs, $92 million in labor income, and $4.5 million in state and local sales and income tax revenues over the 30‐month span of the construction project.

The total impact of new construction on the Huber Heights (zip code 45424) economy in 2010 is estimated to be 668 jobs out of the 1,944 jobs generated. These jobs are estimated to generate $33.2 million in labor income. New building construction is also estimated to generate nearly $1.3 million in state and local sales and income tax revenues.

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Economic Impact Analysis of School Facility Construction