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The aim of this presentation is to discuss the theorizing process of a Family Health Strength-Based Socio-Ecological Model of Breast Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa and the model’s meaning to family nursing practice. The major purpose of theorizing this model is to explore the social determinants of breast cancer within and external to the family system. The model is developed based on key realities inductively generated from integrated and empirical evidence on breast cancer in the region. Understanding the social contexts of health from this multilevel holistic systems approach offers nurses opportunities to prioritize research and interventions in disease prevention and management at various levels of practice. The model supports a multisectoral approach to deliberate collaboration among various key stakeholders (e.g., government, civil society, and private sector) and sectors (e.g., health, environment, and economy) to jointly achieve effective breast cancer policy outcomes.

Suggested reading: Eustace, R.W. (in press, 2020). A Theory of Family Health: A Neuman’s Systems Perspective.” Nursing Science Quarterly.

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Breast cancer


Economics | Nursing | Regional Economics

Theorizing the Social Determinants of Breast Cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Family Health Nursing Perspective