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The purpose of this proposed study is to evaluate the effect of outsiders’ opinions on individual perceptions of personal mental illness. How treatment is addressed is affected by the individual’s perception of the diagnosis, which can be affected by outside opinions. Thirty clients of a mental health clinic will be interviewed before their first and second therapy sessions; before the second session, each participant will be exposed to either a positive, neutral, or negative opinion regarding mental illness. The change in their interview answers will determine how influential they perceived the opinions to be. The survey will identify the participants’ feelings of acceptance, resentment, and denial in terms of their mental illness, thereby measuring their general perception of their mental illness. The results are expected to show that exposure to positive opinions lead to acceptance of the condition, while negative opinions lead to resentment or denial of the condition.

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Spring 2020


Mental Health


Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences

Effects of Opinions on Personal Mental Illness Perception

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