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Breastfeeding and formula feeding are two ways to feed an infant after it is born. The importance of this is significant because of infections that children are suspectable to at such a young age. Children who breastfeed exclusively are shown to have lower infection/hospitalization rates than children who are formula-fed. Breastmilk has several qualities that help prevent infections in infants that formula does not. Formula is a good source of nutrients but it does not have the ability to stop infections from occurring. Infections can be very serious for infants especially if they are born preterm so having a way to help prevent these infections is very important.These infections can be very serious and can even lead to death. Preventing infants from death is one reason why this study should be researched further and presented to others to see.

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Spring 2020


Breastfeeding; Bottle feeding


Nursing | Pediatric Nursing

Breast Feeding vs Bottle Feeding Effecting the Amount of Hospitalizations in the First Year