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This poster will present an overview of our proposed project related to the Grand Lake St Marys archive, as well as the initial local history findings. The objective of our broader project is to create a publicly accessible archive (including newspapers, magazines, historical documents, photographs, maps, oral histories, diaries and letters, and ephemera) related specifically to Grand Lake St Marys and other regional history. To accompany this archive, we want to be able to create and maintain online thematically based exhibits (using tools like Omeka, for example) that would make visible the important environmental, cultural, and regional history of the Mercer and Auglaize county area. We intend for this project to have both civic and scholarly purposes. The civic value is in giving the public access to the primary and secondary documents relate to the region’s history, as well as organizing and curating compelling narratives based on the that history. Academically, digital versions of these documents allows for research in the area of environmental history and environmental humanities using the tools of the digital humanities.

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Spring 2020


Grand Lake St. Marys


Arts and Humanities | Digital Humanities

Grand Lake St. Marys Archive and History