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Welcoming home a new baby is a challenging and sometimes stressful situation for even the most seasoned of parents. There are several decisions parents must make about the care their new baby will receive. One of those choices is kangaroo care. Although this intervention may not always be performed due to immediate medical concerns, immediate bathing, hospital policies, and cultural norms, it has been proven to have several benefits. Kangaroo care is defined as skin to skin contact in which the baby is placed on a parent’s bare chest and is swaddled in warm blankets similar to how a mother kangaroo would carry her own baby. This intervention has been proven to stabilize temperature, aid in breastfeeding, and control respirations. Also, the research that was completed showed that kangaroo care had several other positive outcomes. These outcomes included increases in maternal and paternal attachment, as well as decreased stress levels in mom, dad, and the infant, allowing for bonding to occur.

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Spring 2020


Nursing | Pediatric Nursing

The Effects of Kangaroo Care on Parental-Infant Bonding