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The respiratory system is a vital system in the body. There are a lot of ways to harm the respiratory system and create irreversible complications. Smoking cigarettes has been around for many years and most people are aware of some of the respiratory complications that it can cause. Those who are adult smokers are at risk for developing asthma, COPD, TB, and much more. A new form of smoking is vaping, and many are unaware of the impact it can have on the respiratory system. The research completed on vaping is showing damage to the lining and alveoli in the lungs. The long term effect of vaping is unknown due to the newness of this trend. Discovering the impact both of these smoking methods have on the lungs is very important as well as determining which one is most harmful.

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Vaping; Smoking; Cigarettes


Nursing | Public Health and Community Nursing

In Those Who Smoke, How Does Vaping Compared with Cigarette Smoking, Influence Respiratory Complications Over 6 Months?